Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.


Ghosts of passions past haunt my night,
liquid visions with ribbons and bows
Studio paint, red wine and chocolate drip
From the corners of my mind
Leaving tastes of guarder belts and vintage lace
Wrapped around my heart, pulling pins from
Places I’ve been, from bathroom stalls and up against
Alley walls, the heart used to be so bold.
Sunsets that turned to sunrises right before my eyes.
The halls of that studio have grown dim.
A new day has come, too musty books and electric nooks
But my passions still grow and so do my ears and nose or
So I’m told among other things if I can be so bold.
There must be some advantage to growing old.
The end…… Or is it………

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“I know a girl made of memories and phrases, lives her whole life in chapters and phases…”

The Blog

Last month, we shared tips from users who use Custom Colors to spice up their sites. You can also personalize your online home with Custom Fonts, which is another feature of the Custom Design upgrade.

For inspiration, let’s take a quick peek at four blogs using Custom Fonts. Then, we’ll show you how to try out and preview fonts — right in your dashboard.

The Vibes

A graphic designer in Manchester, England, Mark designs blogs, websites, and magazine covers, so he knows a thing or two about making his own site look good! His scrapbook-like blog, The Vibes, is colorful and full of art, photography, and notes from his travels.

How did you decide on the Chunk and Museo Slab fonts for The Vibes?

My blog is designed to look like a scrapbook, hence the Adventure Journal theme. After designing my own headers and backgrounds to extend the…

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mermaid prince…

mermaid princess

even the mermaid princess needs to quench her parched skin.

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Follow please =)

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